Pro: Sell your merch and music with the payment and Shopify blocks

Spotify for Artists is a complete toolkit for managing your music

Share and promote your music

Apps We Love


Link to all your music streaming profiles with the link block

Use the SoundCloud and YouTube blocks to embed your music on your site

Example Sites

SoundCloud Pulse is for helping you analyze your listens and shares

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Connect all the links to your streaming profiles to make it easy for your listeners to follow you and find your music.

Universe Tips

Add your website as your link in bio and create a unique experience for your fans and listeners to connect with you online.


Universe is an awesome way to build your presence online and share your music on the web. This guide will help you embed your music, connect your streaming links, build an audience, and more.

Dropbox is a simple file sharing app to help you distribute your music

Bitly is a great way to create custom links to track your listeners

Share your website on social networks often. This makes it easier to keep your listeners and fans to come back and experience your music and content.

Spend some time putting together your brand and your visuals. First impressions count, so you definitely want to create something that clicks with your audience.

Best Practices


Pro: Get a custom domain for your site and add it to your link in bio

Use page templates to create and share posts on your site

Bandcamp for Artists helps you analyze your sales and listens

YouTube Studio is a powerful toolkit for getting your music on YouTube