Best Practices

Try out the Giphy block to embed gifs and bring your site to life

Post to your site with page templates and make your blog posts interactive

Clips is a little known app that can be used to make awesome videos


Example Sites

Pages is a really powerful document editor for creating graphics

Apps We Love

Start your blog

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Use Bitly to track and analyze links you share from your site

Universe Tips

Get creative with your marketing. On social platforms, you’re competing with billions of others, but your website is just you and your fans.

Mailchimp is a powerful email and marketing platform

Buffer can help you schedule and post your content across networks


Own your audience. Building a mailing list is an important way to grow your audience and keep them coming back to your site.

Jumprope is a cool little tool that helps you make how-tos

Consistency is key. The most successful bloggers regularly update their sites with content that keeps their audience coming back.


Use the gallery block to share collections of photos with cool layouts

Being able to express yourself in any kind of way is the foundation to blogging. Universe makes this possible in lots of fun and creative ways. This guide will walk you through some of the tools available to you to make your blog come to life.

Think about how you want share the content you add to your site. Use your online profiles as a way to point people back to your site.

Pro: Build a custom mailing list with the subscribe block

Use the link block to add all your online profiles to your site

Pro: Measure your site visitors with analytics