Some of the apps in my toolkit include:
I’m a multimedia girl with a background in public relations. I help artists, entrepreneurs, and startups find their voice and apply it strategically. Most recently, I started a podcast called Fillin_TheVoids, interviewing guests that inspire conversations about everyday social issues that arouse consciousness for personal development.
I plan on using my site to build a vlog for my podcasts and showcase my work from clients. It’ll be where my followers can contact me for podcasts and inquire about PR services.
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Helena Schipani
I discovered multimedia and pr in highschool while taking dual college english and communications courses at a local community college. I always wanted my own radio station and then I thought to myself, I could have my own media network company like Oprah. There wasn’t anything that interests me outside of communications. I always was a talker, and a creator.
It’s important for me to have a website because it creates credibility and is an opportunity to build my own platform. I wanted a professional space for my audience to find me and see what I have to offer—that’s when I found Universe.
Having used Wordpress and Squarespace, Universe gave me creative freedom to create anything I could envision instead of basic templates.
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